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We offer a Full Service, worry free Solution for buying or rental property management. Our goal is to protect your investment saving you time, effort and money. This way you maximize your time, cash flow, minimize your tenant vacancy period and have a very well-maintained property with our in house maintenance crew.

Prepare Property for Rental

We will meet with you to evaluate your property and recommend necessary home improvements if needed to obtain the optimal monthly rental amount. We will coordinates any maintenance or repairs based on your approval. We use our own qualified home improvement experts to ensure the work is completed on time and at exceptional value. All costs are to be verified by you before work starts.

Determine Optimal Rental Amount

We will provide you with a complete market analysis looking at comparable properties to determine the optimal monthly rental amount for your property.

Tenant Placement

We take a very targeted approach to get your unit rented as fast as possible. The manager meets with you suggesting a marketing program to best attract the right tenants. The communication tools include relevant websites, print, property signage and our corporate website. We pursue all leads and schedule all showings of the property advising you on further steps or conclusions.

Tenant Screening

We take care to get you responsible tenants. We require each potential tenant to complete a detailed tenancy application form. We then verify their current employment and income status, complete all credit checks, and contact the tenant's previous landlord(s) to verify payment history and care of property and share all this info in writing with you.

Rental Property Move In

Your property manager takes the right steps to ensure an efficient move. Collects the first and last month's rent in the form of certified funds prior to your tenant's move-in. Prepares all rental and lease agreements. Documents your property's condition utilizing digital photography and has your tenant complete and sign a "Move in assessment of Condition" report verifying the condition of the property. Instructs your tenant regarding rental payment terms and required property maintenance.

Rental Collections and Disbursements

We make sure monies are collected on time to maximize your cash flow. We promptly collect your rental income from your tenant at the beginning of each month. Our Accounting Department disburses the rental proceeds to you by the tenth of each month. Your property manager will serve notice to the tenant, and advise you, if rent has not been paid. We coordinate the start of evicting your tenant in the event the rent is not paid to your satisfaction. See eviction section below.

Repair and Maintenance

We greatly minimize the cost and time of repairs and maintenance by using our own crew of proven qualified professionals. This saves you from searching out suppliers and being charged exorbitant prices. We also provide a 24/7 emergency repair service for any serious issues that may arise. Your property manager handles all requested repairs from tenants assessing their real need and contacts the right supplier. With all major repairs, we consult the owner with the estimated costs for approval. We coordinate the ongoing maintenance, based on the owner's needs which may include: painting, window upgrades, new flooring and tiling , electrical upgrades, house cleaning, snow removal and lawn maintenance.

Regular Rental Property Inspections

We make a thorough inspection of your unit, both inside and outside. This helps us insure your property is being properly cared for, maintained and provide you with peace of mind ownership.

Tenant Evictions / Collections

If rents are not paid, we take the necessary steps to receive payment. If the tenant is still negligent of payment, then with your approval we begin the eviction process following the rules of the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board and keep you informed of all aspects of the process.

Eviction Protection Program

We offer a unique optional program that can cover the complete cost of an eviction if required. This program is available for a small monthly fee per unit and is optional. Please contact our office for more details

Account Services

We have a online accounting system that can provide a host of information and services at the touch of a keypad.

Monthly Accounting Statements

Each month we will post a detailed financial statement showing monies collected and any disbursements that have been made on your behalf such as repairs and maintenance to your online account.

Year End Summary

WWe provide a year-end summary of your accounts.